Admission essay

Admission essay

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The construction of well-organized and adequately focused and directed essays for applications to educational institutions should be carefully planned and reasoned. The overall application package represents who the prospective student is. Thus, it is extremely important that he/she present his/her qualities and strong areas in an intelligent manner. The written version of goals, potentials and talents are a very important way for committee members to get to know the candidate and determine his/her fit for the school. Moreover, competition for admission to highly ranked institutions has increased.

Despite the considerable effort that is required to write an original and well-constructed essay, drafts, a good disposition and attention to detail can pay off for a candidate when he/she is offered an interview. A good essay takes time and a bad one can literally end the admissions process. Graduate schools make their decisions greatly based on these written descriptive versions of candidates, so this part of an application must be prepared wisely. Besides personally working towards a good result, it is still strongly advisable that prospects show all drafts to an expert on this issue.

There are diverse types of essays and hence different approaches to write these, but the most important and commonly required are the Statement of Purpose, which describes the candidate’s goals and interests as well as the specific program and institution that will aid in the achievement of these, and the Personal Statement, which presents the qualities and strengths that the candidate offers and brings to the institution and classmates. These two types of essay will be explained and thoroughly described throughout this workshop.

Autores: Myrna Bazán Treviño y Jorge Isaac Bazán Treviño

Educational purpose

The main purposes of this workshop are: to acquaint prospective graduate applications to educational institutions with the elements that are required for effective admissions essays and to guide them as they build the two most important application essays: the Statement of Purpose and the Personal Statement.

Workshop purpose and use

Much information can be found both on the internet and in literature about the personal essays. Good and bad examples with details are offered to all people interested in this issue. So, this workshop is rather meant to condense relevant points and elements that need special attention in order to guide the participant to a successful start out in the pathway to complete a competitive application.

This workshop is intended to aid students through the preparation procedures to write intelligent personal essays. The different sections included in the contents expect the workshop participant to work out each task and then, according to a model structure, actually write his/her personal essays. Therefore, this workshop should be used as a guide. Participants should carefully advance in the step by step process and practice the writing activities encouraged. Upon completion, application prospects are advised to submit these documents to an expert for revision.

Learning Objectives

The specific learning objectives for this workshop entail that students:

  • Identify the elements needed to fulfill requirements in graduate admissions essays.
  • Understand the difference in contents and structure between the two types of essays: Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose.
  • Identify their own strengths and areas of opportunity among the needed elements.
  • Become deeply familiarized with the institutions and programs that they are interested in attending.
  • Build relevant and effective drafts of personal essays for applications to educational institutions.
  • Learn to revise and edit the drafts according to proposed aiding models.

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Final evaluation


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